Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is hopefully making her triumphant return to the small screen sometime later this year, and fans will finally get to see just how much her life has changed post-incarceration.

Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Amber spent a whopping 17 months in prison thanks to opting out of her drug court program, and since her release, she's been working on her sobriety and being the best mom ever to her adorable daughter, Leah Shirley.

While Amber still doesn't have custody of Leah (she handed full custody over to her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, while she was under investigation by the CPS), she spends plenty of time bonding with "Booboo" and posting pictures of their adorable hang sessions on Twitter.

From the looks of Amber's twitter feed, she and 5-year-old Leah are having an amazing summer full of whimsical fun, and Amber's on a mission to introduce Leah to some of her favorite music!

"Booboo dancing to city and colour..." Amber posted along with a cute snapshot on July 22. "Introducing her to good music"

It's great that Amber is able to spend so much time with Leah despite Gary having full custody, and hopefully she'll have an even larger role in her kiddo's upbringing soon. Amber and Leah have a lot of lost time to make up for!