Credit: Facebook

The rumor mill has been running in overdrive ever since speculation hit the internets that Teen Mom was coming back for a hotly anticipated fifth season. This OG reality show was retired back in August 2012, but word on the street is that it's returning to our lives sometime later this year.

While MTV hasn't confirmed Teen Mom's return to the small screen, the cast has been tweeting photos of cameras non-stop. What’s more, Gary "It's Gary Time" Shirley recently confirmed that he's still filming!

"After a long day of filming time for rest!" Gary mused while we fangirled.

This is fabulous news for all kinds of reasons. Not only does it mean that Teen Mom is likely coming back into our lives (it's been a long, tragic two years), it means that footage of Gary's reported wedding might be featured.

This dude recently (and inexplicably) tweeted about being married, and fans have been OMG-ing themselves silly ever since. Hopefully, Gary's walk down the aisle was captured by MTV so we can officially give up our life-long dream of becoming his bride.

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