Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram

If there's one thing we know about wayward Teen Mom 2 baby daddy Adam Lind, it's that this hunky dude loves himself a motorized lawn mower.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram

Actually, he loves vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From motorcycles, to four wheelers, to giant trucks that he crashes into old ladies — and it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Adam's crazy-adorable daughter, Paislee, has obviously inherited her dad's penchant for driving around in an automobile, and this little lady officially has her very own ride. Sure, said ride is plastic and doesn't even have an engine — but still, Adam would be crying happy tears right now if he wasn't, you know, locked up in a jail cell.

Check out this adorable picture of Paislee lounging in a toy car, which her mommy, Taylor Halbur, posted to Instagram. "Driving her first car," Taylor captioned the pic.

Um. This is the cutest ever. We can't believe how fast Paislee is growing up — if only Adam could see her chillin' like a speed-racing villain in her new car!

Do you think Paislee will grow up to be a professional fan of four wheelers, like her dad? Sound off below.