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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans tends to be a hot mess. Whether it’s her love life, arrests, or bouncing new boobs, this girl seems to be all over the map.

But we never want to see our girl down in the dumps (or behind bars), so we have some tips to help her get things back to a good place.

Jenelle, if Lindsay Lohan can play Elizabeth Taylor, you too can move up in the world! Here’s how:

1) Stay single

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First, Jenelle’s with Kieffer. Then Kieffer leaks some nude pictures. Then Jenelle’s dating Gary. Then Gary proposes. Then Gary gets arrested for (allegedly) hitting Jenelle and Jenelle winds up in jail too. Do you see a common factor here?

It seems our girl digs the bad boys, and while we can’t blame her, maybe she should stick to fantasizing over Justin Bieber or a boy from One Direction.

2) Focus on Jace

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With all the drama and fighting, it’s hard to remember why Jenelle was put on Teen Mom in the first place (hint: it’s because she’s a teen mom). Jenelle’s son Jace always seems to take a back burner to her latest fight or breakup.

It’s time for her to spend some quality time with the boy before he turns into a Grade A jerk, like one of her many suitors.

3) Become a nail artist

Though Jenelle has rarely shown an interest in a career outside of reality television, she certainly seems inspired by nail art. Just check out her Pinterest account! It’s filled with crazy patterns and colors for the height of teen manicure fashion!

Do you think these would be effective ways to keep Jenelle’s life on track?

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