In case you haven't heard, Farrah Abraham wants to get married, like, yesterday. We're still recovering from watching poor Daniel Alvarez squirm in his life jacket as Farrah propositioned him for a ring just one month into their relationship, but listen up y'all. Farrah means business, and she's not about to waste her time.

Luckily, it looks like our girl Farrah has finally found the man of her dreams, aka Ryan Seacrest's adorable employee, John Parra!

Farrah and John met on the set of On Air With Ryan Seacrest a few months ago, where he gave her flowers and she kissed him on the cheek. Awww! They've been phone-chatting nonstop for the past couple months, so we can only assume Farrah's ready for John to put a ring on it.

Check out 5 reasons why we think John should make an honest woman out of our favorite Teen Mom!

1. She's Faithful and Committed

Farrah has made it clear that she's in it to win it, and we have a feeling that once she locks a man down, she'll be dedicated to him for the rest of her life. This gal's eyes definitely won't wander!

2. She'll Bring Home The Bacon

Farrah's a full-time momtrepreneur with some serious pasta sauce skills, and her great business ideas will help support her family. We love that she's so motivated and ambitious — A+ qualities in any relationship!

Credit: Twitter

3. She Comes With An Adorable Sidekick

Have you seen Baby Sophia? She's completely adorable in every way — even when she's painting the family dog with nail polish! Better get used to nonstop cuteness, John!

4. Her Family Are Loving and Supportive

Farrah might get annoyed by her parental units, but they are the sweetest mom and pops anyone could ask for. They always want what's best for Farrah, and we're sure they'd welcome John into the family with open arms. 

5. She's Drop-Dead Gorgeous!

Need we remind you that Farrah's a professional model? John would be crazy not to put a giant rock on her finger —  she's perfection!

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