Credit: Twitter

Chelsea Houska and her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind aren't having the best luck in the canine department. On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we watched in horror as Chelsea's dog Frankie was mauled to death by her neighbor's husky. And now, her baby daddy and former flame is mourning the loss of his pooch Baja.

Credit: Twitter

According to Adam's girlfriend Taylor, someone broke into their apartment on January 15 and took the itty bitty chihuahua while she was sleeping. Even more bizarre? The dog snatcher opened all the blinds before leaving. 

"Adam came to pick me up from work and when we got home the blinds were open and she's absolutely no where," Taylor recounts. "Someone literally came into our apartment and stole our dog."

Admittedly, Taylor and Adam left the door unlocked, but they were gone for less than 20 minutes — which means whoever took Baja worked quickly.

As you can imagine, Taylor is completely distraught and outraged over what happened. "How do you get over something like this. How does something just disappear," she asked on Twitter.

Sounds like Chelsea and Taylor need a girls' night out ASAP!