Credit: Twitter

Adam Lind apparently didn't get the memo that Movember's been over for six months. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska's wayward ex-boyfriend and baby daddy is currently sporting a massive mountain beard and we're just slightly horrified.

Credit: Instagram

Adam's new girlfriend (and soon-to-be mother of his second child), Taylor Halbur, posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, "Curled moo-stache." Um, sexy?

While we certainly can't condone this overabundance of facial hair, we're willing to give Adam a free pass just this once. The South Dakota baby daddy has been serving a 90-day work-release jail sentence for getting slapped with three DUIs in the span of six months, so shaving might not be on the top of his list of priorities at the moment.

We hate to throw cyber-shade at someone we've never met, but Chelsea is way better off without this dude (and his beard).

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