Credit: Twitter Photo: Aliannah and Aleeah Blow Bubbles For Easter

Looks like Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer’s daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah Simms, had a really great Easter holiday! The adorable 3-year-old twins woke up to fun-filled Easter baskets while staying with their daddy, Corey Simms, and spent the day with their grandparents in their Sunday best!

Credit: Twitter

In a pic Corey posted on Twitter, we see Ali and Aleeah digging into their baskets filled with marshmallow candies, Easter eggs, little toys, and pink backpacks.

“Where else can Aliannah blow bubbles inside the house on a cool, rainy Easter? Only Meemaw's!” Jeff tweeted with a photo of Aliannah adding “There's nothing the twins would have enjoyed more than bubbles today! #aligrace” with a photo of Aleeah.

Corey’s dad, Jeff Simms, then took photos of the girls after they were dressed in their adorable floral prints Easter duds while they patiently waited for dinner, even though it looked like Aleeah couldn’t wait.

Credit: Twitter

“First one to the dinner table, Aleeah Grace! #aligrace,” Jeff tweeted with a pic of Aleeah sitting at the table by herself. Later that day, Grandpa Jeff took a pic of the girls blowing bubbles.

And it seems like the twins weren’t the only ones in the Easter spirit. Jeff snagged a photo of his son Corey donning a pair of bunny ears.

“@CoreySimms2 gets into the Easter Bunny spirit! Aliannah seemed to like it. #aligrace ” he tweetedHow cute!

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