Credit: Splash News Photo: Amber Portwood Mugshot on December 27, 2010

Amber Portwood has had a rough go of it in recent months, with a string of legal troubles resulting in the Teen Mom star landing behind bars. And she hasn't been enjoying luxe accommodations during her time as a guest of Madison County Jail in Indiana — the food has been lackluster, and the celebrations, too, left something to be desired.

TMZ reports that Amber's New Years' Eve lunch consisted of a turkey sandwich and Kool-Aid, and that — sad face! — she didn't have any visitors on the schedule. 

Lest you think Amber got lonely, though, fret not. Because of overcrowding in the jail system, Amber was transferred from a cell where she only had one roommate into a room with several other inmates, where — again, due to inmate overflow — she slept on a vinyl mattress on the floor. 

Maybe this recent set of traumas will be enough to jolt Amber into changing her behavior. If not, we shudder to think at what'll be next up for the troubled teen mom.

Source: TMZ