Credit: Splash News

You may have noticed that Farrah Abraham's parents, Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham, get along swimmingly. In fact, you're probably under the assumption that these two cuties are married! Well, not so much.

Despite their great relationship, Debra and Michael are divorced but still living together (yes, it's weird), and they might be in the process of rekindling their relationship!

Farrah's parental units officially split up after she had Baby Sophia, but they just can't stop flirting. "At the end of the day I love Michael, I will always love Michael, he loves me," Debra revealed during the Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew. "We had a bad situation, and if we want to get married again, if we went to do whatever we want to do [we will]."

Looks like love is in the air! Do you think Michael and Debra will reunite? Weigh in below!