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It's T-minus just a few more weeks until Javi Marroquin returns to his blushing bride, Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry, and trust us — this reunion is a long time coming. Javi left Pennsylvania almost six months ago to start Air Force boot camp, and he's currently finishing up tech training in Wichita Falls. But it's time for this air man to fly home!

"My days are counting. So close to leaving Wichita Falls!!! Ready to see my parents and cousins. Even more excited to move with my family," Javi tweeted on April 23, adding "Booked my flight to go back home."

Javi might be excited to get back home to Pennsylvania, but his days there are numbered. Before long, this dude will be moving across state lines with Kailyn! No word yet as to where this cute family are stationed, but it looks like Kailyn's son, Isaac, is definitely coming along for the ride — despite the fact that his dad, Jo Rivera, threatened legal action.

"Nobody is taking him [Isaac] away," Javi tweeted to a Jo fangirl. "We are planning for his future and our future kids. He'll see his father enough."

Chances are Jo and Isaac will see each other during extended hang sessions over the holidays, though ideally Kailyn and Javi will move within driving distance.

Do you think it's wrong for Kailyn to take Isaac away from Jo? Spill it in the comments!

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