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You'd think that after getting pregnant at the tender age of sixteen, dealing with the horrors of cankles, and appearing on a hugely popular television show about safe sex, the 16 and Pregnant ladies would be on birth control. Well, not so much.

Shockingly, some of the gals from MTV's most hard-hitting reality show have gotten pregnant for the second time! Zap2it reports that at least six former MTV stars became pregnant after their specials aired on television, and four out of those six are currently baking a bun in their oven.

Let's see, we have Season 4's Kristina Robinson Head (who is expecting a boy with her husband, T.J), Season 2B's Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant (who is expecting a baby with her husband, Cody), Season 1's Ebony Jackson-Rendon (who is expecting a baby with her hubby, Josh), and Season 3's Kianna Randall — who is reportedly pregnant with kiddo no. 2.

Meanwhile, Season 3's Jordan Ward Finder had her second child back in November 2011, Season 2's Makai Durham got pregnant and had an abortion, and Season 2's Leah Calvert recently suffered a miscarriage.

Yikes, we can't believe how many of these girls still aren't using birth control! Which Teen Mom baby bump has you jaw-dropped in shock?

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