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Our excitement for the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 premiere announcement was briefly interrupted when we saw what happened to poor Aubree Houska!

Sadly, Chelsea Houska’s tiny tot won’t be able to have her usual play time after the wind swept away grandpa’s backyard playhouse.

Chelsea’s dad, Randy Houska, tweeted a picture of the orange playhouse scattered across his backyard, looking like disaster struck.

Aww! Maybe Chelsea can use her beauty skills to patch it up? Nothing a little concealer can’t fix, right, guys?

OK, maybe not, but we’re hoping that the destroyed playhouse was really because of the wind, and not because Randy went all big bad wolf on it! In the synopsis for Teen Mom 2's third season, we discovered that Randy kicks Chelsea’s on-again, off-again beau out of the house after Adam gives her a promise ring, and an angry dad could turn into quite a hurricane …

We’re just kidding! But we are sad for poor little Aubree. Do you think they’ll rebuild her playhouse or just buy her a new backyard toy? Tell us below!

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