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Baby Isaac is the coolest kid in Teen Mom Land. After all, his dad is a bonafide rap genius and his mom is Kailyn Lowry! We've grown to know and love Isaac thanks to his starring role on Teen Mom 2, which is why we were slightly concerned when Kailyn broke the news that he's having trouble socializing.

Kailyn dropped this bombshell during Teen Mom 2's Season 3 premiere, but we didn't get much info — just that Isaac seems to be having trouble chillin' with the other kids at play school. Children develop at their own rate, but does Kailyn have cause for concern?
Don't worry gang, it looks like Isaac is totally on track when it comes to his developmental leaps and bounds. "Isaac is really good," Kailyn told Wetpaint Entertainment's Lindsay Dreyer during an exclusive interview at MTV Studios in New York City. "He's talking full sentences and speaking Spanish. He's doing really good."

Yep, not only is Isaac talking, he's bilingual! That puts him way ahead of the curve, and we're hardly surprised. We've known this little dude was a smartypants ever since he binge ate that chocolate cake back on his first birthday. Priceless.


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