Credit: MTV

Move over, Jenelle Evans! The time has come for your mom to grab her vat of boxed wine and step into the limelight!

Barbara "Babs" Evans and her hilarious Bostonian accent have made quite the name for themselves on the interwebs (in fact, there's a fake Twitter account in her honor), and we can't wait to see this lady in action when Teen Mom 2 premieres on Monday, November 12.

Babs is most famous for saying "I SEE YOU WIFF KEEFAH" and "YOU LYIN' HUSTALAH," and this new MTV mashup of her greatest hits has us super-excited about what she'll bring to the table this season.

Oh, Bahbahrah. Remember when she went to work in sweatpants? Those were good, terrifying times.

Source: MTV 



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