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Teen mommy-turned-reality starlet Bristol Palin has some serious explaining to do! This gal came under fire when her sweet-as-pie toddler, Tripp, uttered what sounded an awful lot like the word "f-ggot" on her show Life's a Tripp. Watch the clip here.

Whoa there, we know Bristol has her issues with our LGBT friends, but that crosses the line!

Of course, Brissy quickly spoke out in her defence, saying Tripp had actually said "f—k it," which is definitely less offensive than a homophobic slur. MTV's pack of Teen Moms know better than anyone that kiddos pick up on the language of their parents, which is why it's so important to keep the swearing to a minimum — especially around an impressionable toddler.

Then again, it's not as though poor Tripp was trying to offend anyone, and as long as Bristol was quick to correct him, this one-off could be seen as completely and utterly adorbs.

Kids are bound to swear every now and then, but do you think it's precious or inappropriate? Sound off in the poll!

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