Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell turned 21 on March 12 (woooo, sugary carbs for everyone!), and how did girlfriend celebrate? By sipping on a giant vat of liquid fun, that's how. Now that Catelynn's part of the 21 Club, she can finally drink legally, and you best believe she took advantage of her free pass for drunken shenanigans on her b-day.

Credit: Instagram

"My very first raspberry long Island soooo good!!" Catelynn posted on Instagram along with a picture of her glass. And yes, guys, said glass most definitely says Applebee's on it. Um, we're all about chillaxing at America's finest eatery, but we can't pretend that Olive Garden doesn't have super hurt feelings right now. The endless breadsticks are crying.

Of course, Catelynn isn't a big party animal, so we doubt she got crazy wasted despite the fact that it was her 21st. Let's not forget that this gal is mature beyond her years, not to mention the fact that her mom is an addict. Alcoholism runs in the family, and Catelynn's smart enough to play it safe!

Then again, we're thrilled that Cate found time to party up an Applebee's storm with her loved ones — although we're wondering why her fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, isn't in this pic. Probably too busy saving Gotham City, let's be real.

Source: Instagram