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Looks like Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell has zero love for long hair!

Credit: Twitter

This gal blew our minds when she got elegant extensions back in August, and the consensus was that she looked absolutely fabulous. However, at the time Cate was unsure about taking the plunge.

"I'm torn don't know if I want long hair, short hair, idk," Cate tweeted. "I'll post a pic when I'm done because even I don't know what I'm going to do lol."


Cate opted for long hair (va-va-voom!), but only kept her extensions in for a little over a month. Check out this recent picture of Cate and her fiance, Tyler — she's rocking her signature short bob, and she looks great!

Catelynn is picture perfect with longer locks, but her above-the-chin do definitely suits her. What do you think, Teen Momers? Do you love Cate's short hair, or do you prefer her with long tresses?

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