Catelynn Lowell knows how to style herself pretty, but nothing could have prepared us for her latest look.

Cate has been rocking an adorable bob for as long as we can remember, but she's traded in her short hair for some seriously stunning extensions. Basically, she looks like a backwoods Minnesota version of a Barbie (which makes Tyler Ken, just saying).

Catelynn isn't the first Teen Mom to try extensions — in fact, she's the last. Most of her co-stars have been known to rock a weave, but we think Cate's is by far the most natural. We love how her stylist seamlessly incorporated her new locks into her old haircut!

There's no doubt that Catelynn's new 'do is all kinds of wonderful, but does long hair suit her better than a short bob? We're going to go with "yes, yes, a thousand times yes," but the final decision is up to you, Teen Mom fashionistas!

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