Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the cutest couple in MTV history, and we've been following their love journey from the very beginning! Well, almost the very beginning. Cate and her man starred on 16 and Pregnant while they were making the brave decision to place their daughter for adoption, but they'd already been dating for ages!

These two have been together for about nine years, and first locked lips in the 7th grade after Tyler transferred schools and joined the same music class as Cate. You better believe they were just as adorable back in middle school as they are now, and we have the picture to prove it!


Credit: Instagram Photo: Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell in 7th Grade

"@tylerbaltierra and I in the beginning," Catelynn posted on Instagram along with a picture of her and Tyler in 7th grade. "This was when we first started dating."

Dreamy sigh! "I have loved her since the moment I saw her," Tyler says. "Her punk rocker hair and attitude matched perfectly for my edgy, hyper personality. I asked her why she fell in love with me and I quote 'you could always make me laugh.'"

We're so happy that this committed couple are tying the knot in summer 2013 –– it's about time they made their relationship official!

Source: Instagram / Cate and Tyler's website