Credit: Instagram Photo: Alexandria Sekella's Tattoo of Daughter Arabella's Footprint and Birth Date

Although we knew a bit about Alexandria Sekella from her days on 16 and Pregnant, the upcoming Teen Mom 3 star is still pretty mysterious.

Recently, the young mama tweeted a screencap of her Instagram, and to our surprised, it showed off a huge tattoo on her side!

Following the trail back to the original source, we found her photo from April 6, 2012, captioned, “I’ve joined the inked crowd.”

The tattoo says her daughter’s name, Arabella, in gorgeous script with a footprint below. Her little girl’s birth date, 7-18-2011, is at the bottom, highlighted by a few sweeping, curved lines.

We think this is a touching tribute to her daughter and we like the simplicty. Do you like Alexandria's tattoo? Sound off below!

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