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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is ready to show off her new baby — Mom and Me Premium Italian Hot Pepper Sauce.

Farrah's been hard at work on developing Mom and Me food products, and this secret family recipe is the first to debut. 

Check out this commercial, starring Farrah and Sophia, which explains the origins behind the all-natural, gluten-free sauce. 

"Every year my great grandfather grew hot banana peppers, juicy sweet tomatoes, onions, and garlic," she writes on the description of the video.

"My great grandmother blended these ingredients together to create a sauce that we enjoy over Italian breads, sausages, meats, and chips. We can't wait to share this with you.

Farrah's mom narrates the clip and prmotes the "scrumptious, spicy flavor that adds zest" to everything from burgers to chips to spaghetti sauce.


Farrah didn't include info on how to buy the sauce, but you can direct inquiries to

What do you think: Does the Mom and Me sauce sound delicious?

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