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Remember back in the day (two episodes ago) when Adam would drive around Chelsea Houska's garage shirtless in a four wheeler, and it was all so beautiful and romantic? Sob, how times have changed.

Now Adam and Chelsea's love connection is kind of like last season's Uggs: stained and uncomfortable. Thanks to Adam's terrible relationship with Chelsea's well-meaning (read: interfering) dad, Papa Randiliscious, Chelsea and Adam are growing apart — and he hasn't talked to her in days! Uncool, honey boo boo. Even more uncool than your taste in man tank tops.
The good news? Chelsea hits up a Dierks Bentley concert with her sista-friends to blow off some steam, and she has a blast! Dierks is one of Chelsea's favorite singer-songwriters, but unfortunately she has a GED practice test the day after his show … Hmmm, what to do?

Chelsea's stuck cramming in her dad's RV on the way to the concert, and barely gets any work done — so does she pass the test? You betcha, suckas! This gal might not be the greatest at choosing boyfriends, but when it comes to smarts she's A++!


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