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Chelsea Houska might be a small town girl living in a preggo world, but she's far from small-minded when it comes to gay rights. This gal is an outspoken advocate for gay marriage, and she recently allowed her daughter, Baby Aubree, to pose for the NOH8 campaign while on vacation in Los Angeles!

"She did so great today at the@NOH8Campaign shoot! So glad we got to be a part of it!" Chelsea tweeted on December 14.
NOH8 is a response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California, an amendment that bans same-sex marriage. The campaign consists of activists posing with duct tape on their mouths (to symbolize the gay voice being silenced) and “NOH8” written on their cheeks. Considering that Chelsea is one of the most popular Teen Moms on Twitter, it's super important that she stands up for what she believes in — namely LGBT rights!

We're so happy Chelsea is teaching Baby Aubree that all love is created equal. Sigh, these two are so inspiring. Excuse us while we go find some duct tape.

Source: Twitter


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