Credit: Chelsea Houska Twitter Photo: Chelsea and Aubree Houska on August 13, 2011

Call the furniture cops! Chelsea Houska admits she likes to "borrow" things from her dad and stepmother's house.

"I take random home decor from my dad & rita's house everytime I come...this stuff would look so good in my house! I can't help it. #sorrydad," Chelsea tweeted Monday. 

Haul her off to IKEA jail!

Seriously, though, who hasn't taken a few things from their parents' house? We plead guilty!

So do her followers. "I take groceries, etc...When I leave they say, "Thx u for shopping w/us, pls come again," @Alisha1andOnly tweeted back. 

@Alyse_Carter wrote, "I do the same thing!!!!! When I go to my Moms she's like fine Brit you can take it."

It is sort of a parent's job to provide for their kids, right? 

Source: Twitter


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