Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska is a hair care expert, and now she's dying her locks of love hot pink! This gal's silky tresses have been all the colors of the rainbow (no literally, one time her tips were like a My Little Pony fantasy come true), but we've yet to see her as a redhead.

"Time to color my hairs," Chelsea posted to Instagram along with a photo of some hot red hair dye.

This gal's locks are currently a lovely shade of chestnut brown, and the verdict's still out on whether she'll dye them red all over, or if she'll just highlight a streak, which she rocked in April 2012.

One thing's for sure, Chel-Chel has always wanted to be a redhead! "Goddddd I want red hair," she tweeted on April 14. "Definitely gonna go for it soon."

Do you think Chelsea will rock the socks off her new look? And more importantly, would you call this giant bowl of dye red or pink?! Sigh, Teen Mom really makes us think.

Source: Instagram / Twitter