Credit: Cassi Thomas/Kabik Photography

If you could marry any A-list celebrity, who would it be? For Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, it's clearly High School Musical cutie-turned-bona-fide heartthrob Zac Efron.

Chels revealed on Twitter today that Zac appeared to her in a dream last night and they were married — but that's not even the weirdest part.

"Last night I had a dream that I married zac efron and we went to space......#whatthehell #sexyhubby," she tweeted. 

Maybe Zac's loving is — dare we say at the risk of sounding cheesy? — out of this world! 

Let's just hope Chelsea's other celebrity lover isn't jealous. Are you reading this, James Marsden

What do you think of Chelsea's dream about Zac Efron? Has a celebrity ever appeared in one of your dreams? Tell us about it below!

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