Credit: MTV

We're still pouring out drinks in honor of our no. 1 homie, Frankie the French Bulldog. Sob, we miss his floppy little ears!
This innocent pup was mauled to death by an evil husky, and Chelsea Houska decides it's only a matter of time before her replacement pal with paws, Betsy, takes a similar trip to Doggie Heaven. You know what that means! Time for Chelsea to pack up her hair feathers, slip into her "moving Uggs," and make some changes.

This gal decides it's high time to leave her neighborhood (aka Husky Hell), so she gets her dad Randy (sorry, Papa Randilicious) to co-sign her lease. The problem? He doesn't want Chelsea's baby daddy, Adam Lind, in the house!

Luckily, Chel-Chel is able to find the perfect home for her fleet of puppies to grow up in, and her dad is more than willing to help out. Looks like girlfriend is turning a brand-new leaf, but let's just hope she's able to stay clear of Adam and his unfortunate chintee of doom …