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All fangirls have a secret celebrity crush (deranged obsessions with Ryan Gosling do not count), including Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska!

While the rest of us are dreamy sighing over the mysterious creature known as Gary Shirley, or swooning over Ryan Edwards and his baggy man-tanks, Chelsea is making eyes at Hollywood's most dashing gent.

That's right, we're talking about James Marsden, aka Cyclops in X-Men. Or, more importantly, Lon Hammond in The Notebook. Auuugh, any mention of The Notebook makes us weep profusely, so excuse us while we go hang out with some romantic swans. 

"I have a crush on James Marsden," Chelsea tweeted on August 21. 

Yeah, join the club, girl. Luckily, James appears to be available, so Chelsea has a fighting chance. Emphasis on "fighting" — she'll literally have to take down hordes of women if she wants in on that action.

Source: Twitter

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