Credit: Twitter Photo: Chelsea Houska With Auburn Hair on March 27, 2013

Teen Mom 2's resident beautician Chelsea Houska loves shaking up her look and keeping us fans on our toes. The 21-year-old recently dyed her hair a gorgeous shade of auburn during a trip to Dallas, Texas, adding some long, wavy extensions for good measure. And it seems like the Teen Mom 2 star is digging the new look as much as we are because she hasn't changed her hairstyle since!

On March 27, Chelsea posted a cute selfie and her hair looks fabulous. "Hiiiii," she captioned the pic. Hiiiii back, Chels!

Honestly, we think this is Chelsea's best look to date. This season on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea has worn her hair in some questionable styles (the pink headband will live in infamy), and we weren't always digging the bottle blond job, either. This rich, chestnut hue really suits Chelsea's skin color and the subtle waves frame her face perfectly.

What do you think of Chelsea's latest hair color? Think she should stick with it or go back to blonde? Tell us below, fashionistas!