Credit: Twitter Photo: Chelsea Houska Wears a Messy Blonde Bun

Chelsea Houska is heading to the bright lights of New York City for a few days, but her heart and mind will still be at home with her sister, Emily, who's about to give birth.

"If my sister @emilyhouska goes into labor while I'm out of town I'm gonna be heartbroken...I wanna be there! #keepherinsideyou," she tweeted. 

Chelsea left this morning, and it seems like the Teen Mom 2 star is hitting the Big Apple to take care of some business. Mysterious business!

"I can't really say lol but I'll be there till Wednesday," she tweeted at a follower who asked about the reason for the trip.

And sadly, Chelsea had to leave Baby Aubree behind.

"I'm gonna be working/busy the whole trip so she wasn't able to come this time :'(" she wrote.

Source: Twitter

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