Credit: Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska's Aubree Rocks Her Cool Black Shades!

Little Aubree Houska definitely grabbed our attention for being one of the more stylish of the Teen Mom 2 tots, and it’s no wonder! Being the daughter of Chelsea Houska, South Dakota’s resident hairstylist, this little tyke is already on her way to having perfect hair when she steps out the house. But the little model-in-training has one more trick up her sleeve: her model pose!

“Hahaha she cracks me up...always strikes a pose,” commented mama Chelsea under a pic stitch photo of the adorbs 3-year-old posing in three different ensembles.

Credit: Photo: Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Houska Strikes a Model Pose!

On the left, Aubree is sporting a pink sleeveless shirt decorated in hearts, with black leggings, pink flip-flops, and uber-cute pink sunglasses. In the center is Aubree’s ensemble that had us branding her with "Best Kid Style Ever": a classic chambray button down paired with black and white striped leggings, baby moccasins, and black shades. And last but not least, the final photo features Aubree in a white romper with yellow polka dots and black fringed boot sandals.

Can someone tell us why is this little girl so stylish (and why are we secretly jealous of her)?

Looks like when it comes to fashion, little Aubree can do no wrong. And she’s definitely got this modeling thing in the bag. Watch out, Tyra!

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