Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, is known for her impeccable baby fashion and kid-approved style. We think there’s no other little girl who can rock leopard print the way she does (we can’t even rock leopard print the way she does). But the little tot is moving on to more adults looks including …a mustache?

That’s right! The 3-year-old fashionista rocked a mustache in her mama’s latest Instagram photo and we have to say, she’s still fab!

“Cute even with a mustache” Instagrammed Chelsea alongside a photo of her blonde baby girl with an equally blonde mustache. And honestly guys, we couldn’t agree more.

And don’t forget the time that this little definitely showed what she was made of in her fantabulous ensemble as well as her innate ability to strike a pose!

The pint-sized South Dakota native looks like she rock anything and we mean anything. When Aubree had a cold not too long ago, she donned a leopard print pajamas (boy that girl just loves leopard print!) and still looked as cute as a button.

At least mama Chelsea is OK with her daughter having a little facial hair, unlike another Teen Mom star we know of (*cough* Farrah Abraham *cough*)!

Do you think Aubree’s mustache is as cute as we do? Tell us below!