Credit: MTV Photo: Chelsea & Aubree

As if she’s not cute enough! Our girl Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska videotaped her little girl, Aubree, making a snack-time treat and we must say, it does look delicious.

In the video Chelsea posted on March 4, little Aubree (wearing her favorite leopard-print shirt), is seen helping her mom prepare a dish by sprinkling parmesan cheese onto her delectable treats.

“What are you making?” asks mama Chelsea. Aubree looks a little confused at first, but after Chel-Chel gives her some help, she boastfully says “Pizza balls!”

The 3-year-old diva goes on to have a conversation with her mama Chelsea and Papa Randilicious while meticulously placing just the right amount of parm on her dough balls. She even whispers to herself “That’s too much,” at one point in the video.  

“You’re a good cooker,” Chelsea proclaims. Good thing Chelsea’s got an extra cook in the house — she’ll never have to go hungry!

While we know Aubree’s little cooking stint is all fun and cute, Teen Mom momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham better watch her back. There’s a new Teen Mom chef making her entry into the world culinary arts and her name is Chef Aubree!

Do you let the little ones in your life help out in the kitchen? Tell us below!