Credit: Instagram

As if little Teen Mom 2 cutie Aubree Houska couldn’t get any cuter. When she’s not singing Carly Rae Jepsen, or modeling her newest outfit, the little tyke is being as adorable as she can be just by waking up!

In a new Keek video that mama, Chelsea Houska, posted, the little ray of sunshine wakes up with a smile on her face and wishes everyone a good day!

“Good morning, everybody” Aubree says. The little girl goes on to say “Have a good day,” while she’s still rubbing the sleep out of her little eyes!

While we would be too scared to have any camera near us when we wake up in the morning (bed hair + drool-covered pillows = a bad look), we’re delighted to see that Aubree is still a little delight, giving a warm welcome to the world even when she’s still in her pjs.

However, it wasn’t so easy for Aubree to get up. In another video, Mama Chel-Chel has to use every tactic she can to get the 3-year-old to wake up.

“Look at this sleeping little cutie,” Chel-Chel says. The little girl smiles in her sleep as her mother pokes and tickles her until she’s awake. Alas, Aubree doesn’t pay her mother any attention and rolls over (like a true diva). Even as her mother follows her, Aubree doesn’t get until until she’s ready.

Ah, the joys of having children or in Chelsea’s case, fashionable children that love their sleep time.