Credit: Twitter Photo: Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson Announce Their Engagement

Well, guys, it's about time. After years of living an ink-free life, Teen Mom 2's resident mumbler, Corey Simms, has tattooed his hot body in honor of his twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah. No, he didn't get giant portraits of their faces inked on his stomach like Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood, but he did get their names and the date of their birth (December 16, 2009) tatted on his bicep. Um, fabulous!

You might notice that Corey's tattoo reads "Ali Grace," which is slightly confusing considering that his daughters names are Ali and Aleeah. What gives?

Credit: Twitter Photo: Corey Simms Gets Tattoo With Twins' Name!

"ALI Hope + Aleeah GRACE = ALI GRACE," Corey explained to fans on Twitter. "That's just what we always called them. Just like we call Aliannah Ali just something we do."

So, what does Corey's ex-wife, Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer, think of his tat? She's a huge fan — which makes sense considering that her own body is covered in ink! "theyll love it daddio," tweeted Leah to her sexy exy. "Did the future wifey miss @mirandabridget get one too??"

We're thrilled to see that Leah's being so supportive of Corey and his fiancé, Miranda Patterson. And in case you’re wondering, Corey’s girl Miranda sat out from getting inked this time around.

"It turned out beautiful! I just watched this time :)" the future Mrs. Simms tweeted.

What do you think of this Southern gent's new ink? Hit the comments and dish!

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