Credit: Twitter

Jenelle Evans's husband of two months, Courtland Rogers, is desperate to clear his name in the wake of their blowout fight! In case you need a refresher, Jenelle accused her man of cheating with a fleet of ladies during her pregnancy, and subsequently left him to live with her ex-fiance, Gary Head.

Courtland insists that he did nothing wrong, but in an effort to defend himself he accidentally-on-purpose admitted to hooking up with another girl — after Jenelle had moved out. "Jenelle knows I didn't cheat on her or mess around with nobody until the night she left me for good and that's that I don't have to prove it," Courtland tweeted on January 31.

Hmmm, we're not sure if Courtland should be high-fiving himself for waiting to cheat on Jenelle until she left the house. After all, they're still married and let's not forget that she was pregnant with his baby at the time (she has since miscarried).

Courtland previously recorded himself smooching a new hottie named Tiffany Knabe, but has since claimed that the kiss was just to make Jenelle jealous. Does this mean there's another girl in the mix? Sigh, the ladies just can't resist that confederate flag tattoo, can they?