Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans's hubby, Courtland Rogers, has been arrested in the great state of North Carolina, and the time has come to pour a tub of Alfredo sauce out for our fallen homie.

Courtland has had a target on his back ever since he fled the state after Jenelle filed four counts of assault against him, including assault of an unborn child (she has since had a miscarriage), and it looks like the law has finally caught up to him!

" me..." Courtland tweeted in the afternoon of March 5. "brunswick.coybty jail i am.on my way...write me ...sorry i got caught."

We're not sure why a policeman would let Courty tweet while handcuffed on the way to jail, but who knows what kinda hijinks go down in North Cackalacky. Either way, it looks like Courtland is behind bars for allegedly missing his court date! No word yet as to how long he'll be incarcerated, but hopefully someone in his family will bail him out. After all, Courtland's pop is a successful owner of a KFC franchise, so he definitely has the funds to post bail!

In other news, Courtland's estranged wife (aka our girl Jenelle Evans) is blissfully unaware of his current predicament, as she's chilling out in rehab to work on her stress levels!