Credit: Twitter

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans just recently reconciled with husband Courtland Rogers following an epic falling out back in January — not only did she accuse him of cheating with multiple women, but she also filed six counts of domestic abuse against the 27-year-old roofer. And somewhere between all of that, Jenelle suffered a devastating miscarriage (she was about 7 weeks pregnant) and checked into rehab for relationship addiction. Phew, are you guys still following? 

Now, Jenelle's back home in North Carolina and giving her relationship with Courtland another try. While Jenelle seems a tad hesitant to patch things up (she wrote on Sulia that they're "trying to work things out"), Courtland couldn't be more gung ho about marriage 2.0. 

Credit: Twitter Photo: Courtland Rogers Poses Shirtless For Jenelle on March 16, 2013

"All yours," Courty B tweeted at Jenelle on March 16, along with a picture of his semi-naked, Confederate flag tattooed bod. Um, how sweet?

We're all about these two working out their differences, but we can't help but question Courtland's motives (and his choice in body art). A few tweets later, he dissed Jenelle's ex-fiancé Gary Head for being "small" and told him to eat something. Pissing contest much?

Regardless, Jenelle seems to be digging her husband's romantic side and has even retweeted some of his public displays of affection. Who knows? Maybe there's hope for these two after all. And if not, at least Courtland has Jenelle's name etched across his left nipple. Women come and go, but permanent body ink lasts forever.