Credit: Facebook

Do you smell that? It's the scent of love mixed with chicken alfredo.

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans married her new hubby Courtland Rogers during a romantic courthouse wedding on December 4th after an even more romantic food court proposal on November 19th, and their marriage is stronger than ever. But how did these two meet?

Despite the fact that Courty and Jenelley didn't start dating until this fall, they've known each other for years. Then Courtland took the plunge and asked Jenelle out via Facebook this September. And you guys? He's basically a poetic genius.

Not only did Courtland say "I wanna b the one that kiss u goodnight," he wrote musings like "I am in straight love with you" and "u are the most beautifulllllll girl i have ever seen." And if you think Courtland was only after Jenelle because of her fame, think again. "Since before all the fame i wanted you," he wrote. "Not jus [sic] to have sex with but to love and cherish life with."

Ummm, perfect man alert! No wonder Jenelle rushed into marriage with this dude –– he's a major keeper!

Source: Twitter