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Love is a many splendored thing, y'all — as are Courtland Rogers's chest tattoos. Jenelle Evans's hubby isn't afraid to show off his body ink, and the latest addition? That would be Jenelle's name, scrawled right about his nipple heart.

Jenelle and Courtland are newlyweds, and he's more than eager to share his feelings with the world. "Jenelle and I have been friends for the past 10 years," Courtland tells RadarOnline. "Recently we tried the whole relationship thing and for the past four months it has been perfect."

So, why did Courtland feel the need to permanently mark his hot body with Jenelle's name? "We have finally realized our next move by engagement and on Saturday I went to get a tattoo of Jenelle's first and last name because I wanted the whole world to not only see but to know who has my heart."
Aww! This tattoo is almost as romantic as those guns by Courty's danger zone!
Click HERE to see the tat in all its glory.

Source: RadarOnline


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