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When it comes to men, Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans has pretty interesting taste.

When we first met this busty mommy, she was getting hot n' heavy with Kieffer "Hoodies Are My Everything" Delp, a free-spirited wayfarer who wandered the streets of North Carolina smoking pot, mumbling, and –– apparently –– being an awesome chef.

Sadly, Jenelle and Kieffer ended their love affair, and most recently, Jenelley's been dating Gary Head. This sexy Marine seemed so promising, but his relationship with Jenelle is pretty crazy. Crazy/beautiful, that is.

Jenelle and Gary break up and get back together about once a week, but despite cheating, theft, verbal abuse and the occasional threat of violence, they just can't get enough of each other. But is their relationship totally meant to be, or a complete disaster? 

When Jenelle and Gary are in a good place, they're absolutely adorable, but their non-stop arguing doesn't bring out the best in either of them. So, what do you think, Team Jenelle? Is Gary Head the right man for our Southern belle?


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