Credit: Twitter Photo: Danielle Cunningham's Ultrasound Picture

16 and Pregnants Danielle Cunningham is now 18 and pregnant, and she can’t wait to show the world her “little bean.”

The mama-to-be has been tweeting up a storm about her baby on the way, and in addition to an adorable baby bump pic, she also showed fans her latest ultrasound!

Just before the holidays, she tweeted, “Found out I’m 13 weeks. Little bean suckin his/her thumb <3.”

It’s hard to see much since he or she is so tiny, but there’s no doubt this baby is too cute for words. And more importantly, in less than six months, Danielle’s son, Jamie, Jr., will have a little brother or sister. Aww!

Are you excited to hear about Danielle’s new baby? Sound off below!

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