Credit: Twitter

Have you heard the good news? 16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham just found out that she's pregnant with a baby girl (who run the world?), and you know what that means. Time to pick out a name!

Oh, wait. Danielle is totally one step ahead of us. In fact, she's already decided on a perfect name for her little princess. "Well you guys all know now that im having a girl!!!!!" Danielle posted on Sulia. "YAAYAYAYAYAYA. Im sooo excited! Well everyone, i have officially decided on a name... Jayleigh Danielle (: <3 what are your guys opinions on the name ?!"

We love that Danielle is naming the baby after herself — especially since her son, Jamie Jr, is named after his dad, Jamie Senior (so many Jamies, so little time). Plus, Jayleigh is a pretty unusual name, and we doubt there are many other babies rockin' it!

Do you like the name Danielle's chosen for her mini-me? Sound off in the poll!