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Chelsea Houska has 99 problems and Papa Randilicious is one. This well-meaning guy always has his daughter's best interest at heart, but he's driving a major wedge between Chelsea and her baby daddy, Adam. In fact, he even went so far as to kick Adam out of Chelsea's house during Teen Mom 2 Season 2!

Apparently, Randy visited Chelsea's house on the sly, and was so enraged to find Adam asleep in bed that he kicked him to the curb for good. But since when does Papa Randilicious have that kind of authority? After all, Chelsea's an adult who's capable of making her own decisions, and she pays her own rent!
Well, turns out there's more to Chelsea's living situation than meets the eye. Chel-Chel might pay her bills, but Randy co-signed her lease — which means he gets to decide who lives in the house!

Looks like Adam's fresh outta luck!

Source: Twitter


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