Credit: Twitter

Everyone please grab a flashlight and check under your bed. Courtland Rogers could be hiding there, because OMG — he's fled North Carolina and is currently on the lam!

Credit: Twitter

In case you'd blocked it out, Jenelle Evans filed domestic abuse charges against Courtland after he purportedly assaulted her while she was pregnant with his child. Last time we checked, Courtland was trolling around the backwoods in despair, but it looks like he's finally been served with papers and has opted to flee the state.

" going to be priceless !!!! ;)" he tweeted on February 18. "On my way through these states 2 more and i'm going 2 be a happy happy lol ;)"

Yep, Courty B is outtie, and Jenelle isn't about to let him get away with it. "If you know any where-abouts of Courtland Keith Rogers is please call Brunswick County Sheriffs Department," Jenelle tweeted to her fans. "I'm sick of him harassing me!"

Meanwhile, Courtland maintains that he's 100 percent innocent. "Are u f—ng kidding me?" he tweeted to Jenelle. "You took fake charges out on me and now u are the queen? u destroyed my life n u laugh about it?" 

Sigh, it doesn't look like these two are about to get back together anytime soon, especially if Courtland is wanted in North Carolina. Thank goodness he has the comfort of his confederate flag tattoo –– that thing will totally get him through these uncertain times.