Credit: Facebook

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers might be in the midst of an epic breakup, but they enjoyed a whirlwind romance before their relationship took a turn for the worse!
Jenelle was won over by Courty after he sent her an adorable Facebook message, but did he want to date her for the right reasons? This dude recently hung out with his ex-girlfriend and OG baby mama, Taylor Lewis, and he couldn't stop talking about his recent fame.

"I've got 40,000 followers," Courtland said while Taylor taped him. "I used to always tell you I was gonna be famous one day."

Courtland isn't exactly a household name, but he's definitely gained some recognition thanks to his relationship with Jenelle. "I'm not famous, but I swear to god I'm a celebrity," Courtland continued. "I'm not even on TV yet, my s— don't air until next fall."

Dating Jenelle certainly comes with its perks, but let's hope Courtland got involved with her for the right reasons!

Source: YouTube