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Farrah Abraham has quite ambitious plans for a career after Teen Mom, which she has kicked off with her recently-published memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. The tell-all book details her struggles with depression and substance abuse and the long road to recovery. But in addition to writing and modeling, Farrah has dreams of making it in the music industry.

Yes, Farrah has has a song … several, in fact! Her song “On My Own," accompanied by a homemade YouTube music video featuring her daughter Sophia, coordinates with a chapter in her memoir as part of the book’s “soundtrack."

The soundtrack-album was released on iTunes in August 2012, featuring ten original tracks, including her debut single, “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

While she may not be topping the charts anytime soon, the 21-year old explained to InTouch that recording her single was cathartic, and the song represents her “finding happiness.”

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