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So, you want to know if Farrah Abraham has written a book? The answer to this question is yes, yes a thousand times yes! So many books. In fact, you might be interested to know that Farrah has transformed from a pasta sauce producing Teen Mom to a New York Times bestselling author!

Yep, Farrah's debut memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, has been doing gangbusters — it's so popular that she's already released her second novel, a children's e-book called Passy Perfume. We know, questionable name, but trust. The book is completely adorable, and will help moms who are having trouble weaning their kids off a pacifier.

You can buy My Teenage Dream Ended on Amazon for $13.41, and Passy Perfume on Amazon for just $2.99. How can you resist?! Answer: you can't.

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