Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans had a rough week, and girlfriend definitely deserves to kick her Uggs off and relax with some Slim Jims. This Southern belle suffered a miscarriage on January 25 after getting into an emotional argument with her husband, Courtland Rogers, but she seems intent on moving on with her life.

Jenelle shocked fans when she took it to Twitter the day after her hospitalization to post about a night of partying with ex-fiance Gary Head ("Last night was epic, lmao @gary_head knocked over the waitresses tray at Waffle House of drinks hahah"), but she insists she was stone-cold sober.

"Did not party. Went to a weird ass bar that Gary worked at. Then we left cuz they were going to taze me supposedly … " Jenelle explained, adding, "And I was the DD last night for everyone's ass lol."

We're slightly surprised that Jenelle would go out on the town after reportedly suffering a miscarriage, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Then again, being responsible for a bunch of drunken townies is hardly an ideal way to spend the evening post-hospitalization. Either way, we're so relieved that our favorite Alfredo-guzzling Teen Mom is on the mend!